Our Story

Owing to the movement of residents from Maidstone to Tongaat, it became imperative to move the Maidstone Shree Emperumal Temple (MSET). MSET also started off as a wood and iron structure in the settlement in the vicinity of the present day Tongaat Secondary School.

After much relocation and demolition, assurance was given by the Tongaat Sugar mill to build the MSET in Gandhi’s Hill. MSET members saw the construction of another temple in the same area as a futile exercise.

This led to the amalgamation of SWDP and MSET in 1969, with the temple formally renamed Shree Veeraboga Emperumal Temple (SVET). The present property at 483 Main Road, Gandhi’s Hill was purchased on 3 November 1922 for 90 pounds (equivalent to R180 at that time). The brick and mortar temple was officially opened in October 1926 and in 2020 the temple is in existence for 94 years.

The temple observes all major festivals on the Hindu calendar, engages in a number of social responsibility programmes, has active youth and women’s groups, and maintains close working relationships with the Tongaat Hindu Unity Forum, Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa, Divine Life Society of South Africa as well as neighbouring temples.